ZoneAlarm for Mac Download

ZoneAlarm Mac Download

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is an award-winning firewall software
that accepted by millions of users all over the world. ZoneAlarm
antivirus products are also popular on the market. However, all
ZoneAlarm firewall and antivirus software only runs on Windows,
without any support for Mac OS X.

Nowadays, even Mac is being attacked by virus, spyware,
adware, malware and lots of online threats. You're humbly
recommended to download Intego Internet Security as an ZoneAlarm
for Mac alternative to keep your Mac safe.

Download ZoneAlarm for Mac Now

Best ZoneAlarm for Mac Alternative - Intego Internet Security

Automatic Firewall and Total Mac Protection from Spyware and Viruses

Protect Your Mac from All Threats from The Internet & Hard Drive

ZoneAlarm is known as firewall software for Windows. Even the free version combines firewall and antivirus features in one package. Unfortunately, there is not a free ZoneAlarm for Mac equivalent. The closest solution is Intego Internet Security which comes with a total Internet Security solution to ensure Safe Connections and detect and block viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, worms, bots, and rootkits.

Automatically Update and Keep Your Mac 24/7 Safe

This ZoneAlarm for Mac alternative will block well-known viruses and other threats with the industry-leading engine. For a higher level of protection, Intego Internet Security automatically checks for the latest updates to ensure you’re protected against the newest threats. Also, Intego Internet Security will scans files whenever they’re edited, used or moved.

Scan for All Kinds of Virus, Spyware, Malware, Adware and More

No need to say that prevention and real-time protection is very important. But for those whose Mac has been infected, the ability to detect and remove viruses, spyware and malware is the same crucial. Intego Internet Security allows you to perform a full or selective scan on your Mac's hard drive and quarantine or deleted files immediately after complete scanning.

Ideal Firewall for Mac OS X

Your information is unsafe probably because of open ports. To those who want to hack in your Mac, your computer is is just an IP Address and open ports. Similar to ZoneAlarm Firewall but for Mac, Intego blocks unsolicited visitors, keeping the bad guys out of your Mac. Also, Intego identifies various devices that are trying to connect your Mac and lets you decide what’s allowed and what's forbidden. It's also possible to block connections to specified domains and temporarily allow connections from the Internet or local network.

Antivirus Software for iPhone and iPad

You probably have an iPhone or iPad If love Apple's product like us. These iOS devices may transmit infected files and malware onto your Mac. Intego Internet Security can scan your iPhone and iPad whenever they’re plugged into your Mac to ensure that your Mac and iOS devices are safe and clean.

Optimize Your Mac and Clean it Up (Premium Bundle Required)

The best ZoneAlarm product Extreme Security (unavailable for other editions) allows you to speed up your computer quickly. Intego Internet Security, an ideal alternative to ZoneAlarm for Mac, also enables you to make your Mac machine faster in a few clicks.

Parental Control for Mac (Premium Bundle Required)

The Internet and today's technology move too fast for your children to follow up. So it's extremely necessary for you to create the proper boundaries between your children and the real dangerous world. Intego knows Mac and your needs. It gives you easy control with parental controls and monitoring, personalized by family member.
ZoneAlarm Mac Free
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• Fully functional
• Virus Free
• Spyware Free
• Adware Free
• Free Support
• Supports Mac OS X 10.5 or later
Ideal ZoneAlarm for Mac
Alternative - Intego Internet Security
Download Intego Internet Security for Free trial.
Keep your Mac from spyware, viruses & malware. Buy now from $39.99
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